Citizens! Music to.. Say Goodbye to Summer

"This is an Autumn mix. A mix to herald the changing of the seasons. A goodbye to the summer mix. It’s a lot of 108, propulsive, but minor key." - Lawrence, @gocitizens

Nina Simone - Don’t Let Be Misunderstood - Nicholaas Jaar Remix
John Talabot - Destiny Feat Pional 
FKA Twigs- Two Weeks 
TV On The Radio - Hours 
Jungle - Julia
Kindness - Swinging Party 
Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush 
The Weekend - What You Need 
Diana Ross - Love Hangover 
Grace Jones - Pull Up To My Bumper Baby 
Arcade Fire - Reflektor 
Blood Orange - Chamakay 
The Staples Singers - Slippery People 
Gil Scott Heron And Jamie XX - I’ll Take Care Of You

CITIZENS! - “Lighten Up” Remixes

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2013 was fantastic, wasn’t it?

Just wait for 2014.

Happy New Year!

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The boys are working really hard on the upcoming album but that didn’t stop Lawrence from share with us some Christmas memories and wishes for 2014. Enjoy:

- What was the best and worst Christmas present you ever got as a child?

The best present I ever got was a CD player for my Xmas when I was 10. My sister had one for years and I just used to go into her room when she wasn’t there and listen to my CDs on it. She would get really mad when she found my CDs left in the player because it meant she knew I’d been up in her room without her permission and she’d kick my ass. That new CD player saved me a hiding or 4. The worst present? I don’t think there is such a thing. Though a couple of years ago i came back home for Christmas with the worst cold ever and just sat on the couch with a phlegm waterfall in my throat.

- Favorite Christmas dishes?

Bread Sauce!! Anything AT ALL with bread sauce.

- Do you follow any special tradition on New Year’s Eve? if so, which one?

Here in Britain we sing Auld Langs Syne after midnight. It’s by Robert Burns, a Scottish poet so me and Mike like to put on really bad Scottish accents (Mike’s is actually really good because he’s from Scotland) and sing along really loudly. I will also go to Leeds which is where I used to live and see lots of old friends and listen to AC/DC.

- Who has more Christmas spirit in the band? and is there a Grinch?

Well Martyn has his birthday on the 24th of December so I guess he has a double celebration for the Xmas period. Though I if it meant he got half the presents than if his birthday was in summer that could trigger grinch like feelings. PEOPLE don’t let this happen!!

- In your opinion which are the best albums of 2013?

I can’t think of albums or artists specifically but tunes or gigs we’ve enjoyed this year have come from: The Flaming Lips, Lorde, Arcade Fire, Jon Hopkins, Kanye West…so many more. Also I’m going through a much delayed and rather heavy Pink Floyd Period.

- Can you give us a teaser about the new album?

We’ve been writing ever since we came back from America in the spring and we’ve been playing some new songs at gigs (Idiots, I Want To Go To Bed With You, Xmas In Japan), but we haven’t settled on a tracklisting or anything like that. We’ve been listening to a lot of soul music, both classic and modern (Hands up Frank Ocean and D’Angelo), a lot of psychedlica (Todd Rundgren), and lots of stuff by people like Nicholaas Jaar, Jon Hopkins and John Talabot. We’re determined to make it a classic. Cross your fingers for us.

- And finally, your wishes for next year?

Next year I hope to make a great album, to tour the world playing it, and for Celtic to make it to the second round of the Champions League. Also if we get to do a collaboration with Beyonce that would be awesome. Give us a call Bey.

Thank you Lawrence! and Happy Holidays to you all!


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A year ago, Citizens! debut album "Here We Are" was released &lt;3

A year ago, Citizens! debut album "Here We Are" was released <3

(Source: fuckyeahcitizens)

Yaay! We did it people! Thank you all for voting! &lt;3

Yaay! We did it people! Thank you all for voting! <3